Byte #12 : Canva

Now you can design anything

Ever wanted a resume design as brilliant as the infamous Marissa Mayer’s resume, or an Instagram post as captivating as an influencer with 1M followers… you can create one at Canva

Before we came across Canva, creating a fancy logo or business card without being a designer meant facing Gandalf guarding the bridge to the bright side…

Not anymore.

Canva has a template for it all — Presentations and pitch decks, Instagram posts, posters, videos, blog banners, resumes, certificates, infographics, wallpapers, invitations, book covers… You name it!!

Have a look at the dashboard below…

The neat UI with tiles slightly curved around the edges speaks loud and clear about Canva’s commitment to quality design.


What we love about it…

  1. Simple to use : Even a novice can create designs as attractive as a professional with simple drag-and-drop actions

  2. Customizable templates : Select one from the sheer number of templates available for each category and tweak it as you wish…

  3. Free version : Canva provides a ton of free features and we doubt that you’ll ever run out of them

  4. Extras : Allowing the user to create folders and upload pictures from their desktop shows how much Canva cares for its users

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