Byte #13 : Disqus

The best way to build an audience on your website

Did you just develop a new website — a blog, or a podcast? How about a tool that lets you interact and engage with your audience? Enter Disqus, built for this very purpose.

Don’t you just love those emojis that you text 100 times a day! Disqus lets you have those very reactions on your website, and more…

Disqus also lets readers/viewers comment on any posts or videos on your website! Websites such as SpoilerTV that use Disqus have reported a 4X increase in user engagement.

You do not want to miss out on this!

If you ask us, this tool is an absolute necessity for any website that will have a readable/viewable content.

Try it !!

What we love about it…

  1. No-code installation : A 3-step process that needs 2 mins and at the most, ends with a copy-paste action… It couldn’t get simpler

  2. Versatile : Can be easily integrated with 3rd-party publications including Wordpress, Blogger, and Tumblr

  3. Analytics : Understand your audience better by using the Disqus platform’s in-built analytics tools

  4. Configurable : You can tweak every little aspect of your Comments section, down to the emojis you want to make available for your audience

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