Byte #14 - Papier

Whiteboard for your chrome thoughts

Whats’s on your “new chrome tab”

We have all tried to find the perfect To-Do list, note taker, motivational wallpaper types of chrome tabs. If you haven’t still settled on one, this one is for you. A chrome extension we have been using for a long time.

Entering Papier

Papier is a chrome extension for a new tab, It is a simple, clean, and distraction-free way to take notes in style. With the right number of features to power you up balanced with the simplicity of a clean UI. It’s the nearest you can get to a digital notepad. Since most of our jobs lie within the browser, why to bother opening up an application to write your thoughts, Papier is our new go-to to pen thoughts.


Try Papier

What did we love about Papier?

  1. Simple, clean and distraction-free UI

  2. No need for an account or sync, It’s there like a whiteboard

  3. Serves as a quick Doc with formatting + To-Do List

  4. A new tab that actually “stuck” with us for time!

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