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Hacker News is a popular social news website that focuses on tech-based news curated by the community. It was created by Paul Graham, the co-founder of YCombinator.

Anyone can join the community and submit stories that are “deeply interesting”. However, the website has a primitive UI and does not have a mobile app either.

Materialistic is a Hacker News client designed for both phones & tablets that makes browsing through the latest stories even more enjoyable.

This was developed by Ha Duy Trung, has more than 100K+ downloads, and has a rating of 4.3 on Play Store.

If you were already a member of the Hacker News (HN) community, this app now lets you access it from your phone. If you did not know about HN, click here and register right away.

Hew is one of the better alternatives that you might want to try out.


What we love about it…

  1. Simple app : It does exactly as it says — scrapes through HN and delivers it in a more appealing way

  2. Great design : Despite the limited app functionality, the creator has used an elegant UI and navigation sequences

  3. Themes : You should have seen this coming… An app is complete only if it has multiple light/dark themes to choose from

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