Byte #16 : Sketchpad

A brilliant web-based drawing tool

The first software we used in school was MS Paint — with its tray of colours, brushes, and shapes, weirdest of them being the polygon tool.

Let’s be frank, the look and feel of MS Paint may have changed slightly, but its functionality has largely remained the same.

Enter Sketchpad an online drawing tool to be used by anoyone with a flair for creativity and a willingness to bring their imagination into existence.

Sketchpad makes it easy to bring your ideas to life — be it a simple poster or your next comic book character. You can easily draw, edit photos, and craft images for social media posts or digital ads.

It’s free to use online, and a version can be downloaded for Mac for a nominal fee. It takes 5 mins to get accustomed to the platform (since its layout is slightly different) after which, there is no stopping!


What we love about it…

  1. Quickstart : You do not need to login/create an account on the website and can start drawing right away!

  2. Save files : To save your work, you can select the “Save to drive” option and login with a Google account

  3. Fast rendering : Sketchpad is unexpectedly fast for a graphics-driven website

  4. Ample tools : Extensive set of tools including 8 canvases, 14 shapes, 18 brushes, 800+ text fonts, and patterns such as Sketchy, Web, and Spirograph

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