Byte #17 : Launchaco

Aesthetic landing pages for your product in minutes.

It is too much work to search for aesthetic templates when you just need a simple landing page that just needs to be clean, simple, and get the click-through done. It should be simple and yet you have complex website builders that would confuse you with 10s of structures, functional features to set up. Launchaco gets your landing page done in minutes.

What is Launchaco?

The quickest way to build a landing page for your startup. There we said it, Launchaco has absolutely no learning curve and gets you started and finished XD within an hour. Now you can focus on the most important aspects of the pitch - The right copywriting and stunning visuals to get your message across.

Launch with Launchaco

What did we love about Launchaco?

  1. Preset Color Scheme and Font family - If you have ever built a website this is what takes most of our time. This is a major pain point resolved for builders.

  2. Aesthetic - It’s impossible to mess up your design now. It maintains a consistent and responsive UI across devices.

  3. Every possible block - Standard blocks that you expect - team page, testimonials, CTA, reviews, press logos, footer, visuals are all there.

  4. AI for your copy!- AI that helps individuals refine, improve, and keep their websites copy consistent, understandable, on-brand, and on point.

Some projects our friends made with Launchaco

  1. Bookwalla - Get recommendations for books that the smartest people read. Find books based on your read time.

  2. Reddit - Reddit app landing page template. (Not our friends okay :P)

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