What is Produkt?

We discover cool products to play with and know about

Welcome to “Produkt : A byte-sized tech blog” by Aniket Mandle and Amey Shitole. They love talking about Products, Psychology, and Startups, and feel that this substack is the best way to share their enthusiasm with the community.

It is about learning in the best way there is - by creation. That is, testing yourself via do-it-yourself projects and application.

This not only helps you develop valuable skills, but also prepares you to deal with unexpected problems that arise when building a project.

You can find more information about the 2 authors below..

Aniket is fascinated with Startups and a product enthusiast currently in his final year at IIT Guwahati. Occasionally a developer when he needs to get that idea out. He follows his curiosity in consumer behavior, psychology, and AI/Deep Learning. He tends to listen more, explain with analogies and you’ll often find him tweeting!

Amey is a 4th-year student at BITS Pilani who believes that “Decentralization is the future”. He codes for fun and is equally interested in the business side of products. An admirer of the Lean Startup model, he is fascinated most by the ingenious concepts of vanity metrics vs. actionable metrics and the fail fast philosophy.

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